What Is IHG Friends And Family Rate: Codes, Vouchers And Discounts

What is the friends and family? The friend and family rate refers to the rate given to family members and friends of employees or managers working at hotels.

Most international 5-star hotels want their employees to use their products or services. Because of their own employees plus family and friends, this number is also very high worldwide.

Most of the employees are very willing if they can get an employee discount. You can also get more positive feedback. Employees as hotel guests can better understand their own hotel’s products and services. Even more realistic improvement plans are available.


Of course, IHG is no exception, and IHG also offers Friends and Family Employee Rate to its own employees.

Like Marriott’s Employee Rate and Hilton Go Program, IHG offers significant discounts for its employees and their friends and family when they stay at IHG hotels.

Let’s take a brief look at this discount program for employees and loved ones. There are actually 2 programs to choose from. The program used depends on the type of booking you have.

Employees booking a stay for self use.IHG Employee Room Benefit ProgrammeUp to 80%
For friends or family travelling with the employee.IHG Employee Room Benefit ProgrammeUp to 80%
For friends or family, traveling without the employee.IHG Friends & Family RateUp to 40%

IHG Employee Rate Friends And Family

The IHG Employee Room Benefit Program is the primary service offered by IHG to employees who plan to stay at IHG properties.

IHG staff have two rates available for booking.

  • Standard: The hotel can assign any room type based on availability. Discounts are generally a better option.
  • Flexible rates: You choose the room type when you book. Sometimes it may be cheaper than the standard type of booking.

Who Is Eligible For IHG Employee Rates

  1. Employees of all companies in the InterContinental Hotels Group.
  2. Employees of third-party franchisees who work at IHG-branded hotels franchised by IHG subsidiaries or affiliates.
  3. Any friends or family members are traveling with the employee.

Employee ID cards may need to be presented at check-in.

How Many Nights And How Many Rooms Can Staff Book

Staff can book up to 7 room nights per hotel per year.

In addition, you can book up to 2 rooms per reservation.

If you book 2 rooms for 3 nights, it will be considered 6 room nights out of the 7 room night quota.

However, there is no limit to the number of hotels you can stay in. You cannot keep returning to the same hotel.

How Much Of A Discount Do IHG Employees Get On Hotel Reservations

IHG offers a fixed rate schedule for IHG employees. Rates depend on the average daily rate for the previous year for that particular property.

Each year, the ADR is published before the end of the year and is valid for the entire next year.

1$84.99 or less$39.00
2$85.00 – $99.99$49.00
9$400.00 and up$139.00

Hotels can upload inventory with discounts between 30% and 50% depending on availability.

How To Book IHG Friends And Family Rate

IHG staff rates can be booked directly on ihg.com through your IHG Rewards account.

Then, it’s like your normal booking process on IHG, but with exclusive pricing.

If you are experiencing problems, please contact HR or your manager to activate your account.

IHG Friends And Family Rate

As the name implies, the IHG Friends and Family rate applies to friends and family of IHG employees.

Previously, you used to find IHG Friends and Family Links all over the Internet, but the program has changed since then, and these links no longer work.

FAQ IHG Friends And Family Rate

What is the firends and family rate?

The term friend and family rate refers to the rate given to family members and friends of employees or managers working at hotels.

Can my wife use my IHG number?

To book a room for someone else using IHG Rewards points, simply book the reservation from your IHG Rewards account and use the other person’s name and travel dates. IHG allows you to make a reservation for someone else, whether paying with points or a standard purchase.

How does the IHG employee rate work?

The IHG Employee Rate Program is called “The IHG Employee Room Benefit Program”. It offers employees significant savings when staying at IHG properties for leisure. The discounts can be huge and range from 50 – 75% off the average room rate at any given property.

How much discount do IHG employees get?

TierADR RangeEmployee Rate9$400.00 and up$139.00

How do I get IHG Friends and Family rates?

The Friends & Family Rate is available at participating IHG hotels for room bookings only and not for packages or other components but is eligible to earn IHG® Rewards Club points. Reservations must be booked through a Participant’s URL on the Friends & Family Promotion reservation website.

Can you give IHG points to someone else?

Can I transfer points to my family and friends? IHG® Rewards points can be transferred to another IHG® Rewards member in 1,000 point increments for $5 per 1,000 points. There is no limit to the number of points a member can share or receive. Click to Transfer points now.


Regardless of the purpose of each hotel’s employee friend family offer, it is pretty affordable for the employees themselves.

If you are an employee of IHG or a family member or friend of one of their employees. Congratulations, and consider the family member discount offered by IHG the next time you have the opportunity to travel.

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