IHG Tips: How To Check And Redeem Your IHG Ambassador Complimentary Weekend Certificate

IHG Ambassadors and IHG Royal Ambassadors have a benefit: a weekend stay certificate, commonly known as a “BOGO” When an Ambassador is purchased.

IHG Ambassadors and IHG Royal Ambassadors have a benefit: a weekend stay certificate, commonly known as a “BOGO” When an Ambassador is purchased, this benefit will be issued to each Ambassador’s account in the form of a stay voucher, valid for 12 months from the date of issue. You can redeem this weekend stay voucher at any IHG Hotels & Resorts when you book a minimum of two nights at the Ambassador Weekend Stay Certificate rate, equivalent to a two-for-one stay.


IHG Ambassador website and purchase address ($200 or redeem 40,000 Premier Club points)


How To Use The IHG Ambassador Complimentary Weekend Certificate

You will receive a complimentary weekend stay voucher when you purchase or renew your IHG Ambassador membership. IHG has a dedicated page to redeem this voucher, open the link below, log in to your account, and book.

When booking, choose as many days as you stay and must include at least two nights on the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Only rates that indicate “Complimentary weekend stay with an IHG Ambassador” can be used for the weekend stay voucher.

Rate Description

IHG Ambassador Complimentary Weekend Stay: Available on the second night of a paid weekend stay at the Ambassador Weekend rate. The total rate for all nights booked will be displayed at the time of booking, but the second night of the weekend rate will be billed to you upon presenting a valid ID and IHG® Premier Club membership number. IHG Ambassador and IHG Royal Ambassador members are eligible for this special rate, only available with valid complimentary stays that have not yet expired or been redeemed. You must cancel reservations 48 hours before the check-in date to avoid cancellation charges.

All rates will still be displayed at the time of booking and will not be immediately reduced for the second night, and a deposit for the first night may be required. The hotel will not adjust the rate until check-in to allow for a weekend voucher for the second night.

Although IHG officially states that you cannot use this voucher for suites, many hotels have this ambassador weekend rate open for suites and can also use this voucher.

How To Check The Ambassador Weekend Rate

The question is, before becoming an Ambassador, we may want to check the price of this Ambassador Weekend award stay to gauge whether it is worth buying an Ambassador. (The Ambassador Weekend Rate is based on the best available rate and is not the same as the usual rate, which is usually equal to or higher than the standard best available rate)

Assuming you are staying at an IHG hotel for two nights over the weekend, the Ambassador Weekend Rate is precisely $200/night. The voucher you receive with the purchase of an Ambassador will offset the room cost for one night, which is equivalent to receiving a free Ambassador status, which in turn will give you access to the benefits of an Ambassador.

Usually, when redeeming a gift certificate, you must log in to your account to find the Ambassador weekend rate. Instead of logging in, you can use the following link.


As you should know, there are many IHG hotels or higher, where even the lowest members-only prepaid rates are higher than $200. In this case, buying an IHG Ambassador even becomes a way to save money, so what’s not to buy.

Weekend Stay Gift Certificate Terms

  1. Valid For IHG Ambassador Members Only
  2. Upon purchase or renewal of an IHG® Ambassador membership, an IHG Ambassador “Weekend Stay Gift Certificate” will be issued. Each weekend stay voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The voucher can be used when an IHG Ambassador books a minimum of two nights at the Ambassador Weekend Stay Rate at IHG Hotels & Resorts, participating Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.
  3. Regent Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, the weekend stay voucher is valid for a minimum of two nights at the Ambassador Weekend Rate. The weekend stay voucher is only valid for paid bookings made at the Ambassador Weekend Stay voucher rate, with a one-night stay bonus on the second night, and must be booked through your IHG® Premier Club account to use the voucher. Weekend stay vouchers are not valid for other rates and cannot be used in conjunction with award stays or other promotional offers. IHG Ambassador Weekend Stay vouchers can only be used if booked in advance. If a guest joins the IHG Ambassador program at the hotel, you cannot use the weekend stay voucher for the stay when entering the program. “Rooms at the Ambassador Weekend Rate are subject to hotel availability. One night of award weekend stay per stay. Weekend stay vouchers are only valid for members with IHG Ambassador membership and are not transferable. The sale or exchange of a weekend stay voucher will render it invalid. Weekend stay vouchers are only valid for room and tax charges.
  4. Please note that the total rate will be displayed for both nights at the time of online booking. The hotel will adjust the rate at check-in to allow the second night to be used for a weekend stay voucher. The term “weekend” refers to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, except in the Middle East, where hotels may define “weekend” as Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  5. Weekend stay vouchers are valid at participating Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and Regent Hotels & Resorts until December 31, 2022.

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