Does The Hilton Have Friends and Family Program

By Gavin | January 02, 2020

Does the Hilton Have Friends and Family Program

I want to stay at the Hilton Hotel in Europe in the next future. I have the following questions. Does Hilton Hotel provide a 'family and friends program' to offer discounts for employees and their family and friends? If so, is there a promotion code or discount code that you can use and type to get and Book rates like this?


If you use this discount plan, does Hilton have any control over this? Thank you very much for any tips or suggestions. So who can help me find out which idea or way and where to find the discount code? Or official information? Thank you very much for your help. The normal price offered by the Hilton hotel is too much for me, and I also want to stay in the Hilton hotel. I need a promotion code for my stay.

For Hilton Family and Friends Travel Program Rates

Because of the above questions, I think most businessmen or tourists who often need to stay in the Hilton hotel may have similar questions. Whether the Hilton hotel has a similar discount plan for family and friends program. In this way, you can enjoy the professional, comfortable, sanitary and convenient hotel conditions brought by the Hilton hotel, and you can easily get a discount. This is the Hilton family and friends discount plan that we would like to suggest for you today.

If you have booked the Hilton hotel base on the Family and Friends Travel Program, please bring the confirmation info to the human resources department manager or the general manager and obtain the signed Hilton Family and Friends Travel Program. Hilton family travel passports will identify your family when they check-in and ensure they have the correct occupancy rate. If you have already reserved your Esprit/Hilton club card for yourself, you do not need a Hilton family and friends travel passport. You only need to take your Esprit/Hilton club card with you when you travel and show it at check-in.

Yes, the front desk does identify your eligibility. If you can't show your proof that you can't use the Hilton Family and Friends Program rate, the front desk can't check in the discount for you. The front desk staff will verify the correctness of the information you provide if there is any objection. We won't be able to use the discount.

What are the Discount Plan of Hilton Family and Friends Travel Program

Hilton to better serve employees, family and friends, especially provide this plan. with the Go Hilton Team Members Program, Hilton hotels offer their employees discounted rooms for nonbusiness leisure travel in hotels around the world to increase employee satisfaction and special company services to employees.

Also, the Go Hilton Family and Friends Travel Program offer discounts to employees' family and friends at a lower price, although they must first be pre-approval online. This program will greatly save the money of Hilton employees, and it is also Hilton that provides its employees with competitive company treatment among peers.


To set up and access discounts and approve family and friends, Hilton employees need the User ID and Team Member Hilton Honors account, or the applicable owner Hilton Honors account. Friends and family only need the regular account of Hilton Honors. if you haven't, please register on Hilton official website, and then match your name and Hilton Honors number exactly as shown on your account so that they can approve you. Be sure to remember you and your family's accounts and approvals.

After the above steps, once you get approval, you can book your friends and family rating here by logging in to the go Hilton website home page and using your usual Hilton Honors login details. It's convenient to book on the official website, because it means you can manage your own bookings, query them at any time, and view them at any time, without relying on employees to book or deal with any problems for you.

If you change or cancel your reservation, it is also very convenient to operate on the Hilton honors official website, which saves a lot of communication time, just as it is convenient for you to use any website application.

Congratulations, the Hilton hotel you have successfully booked offers you discounted rooms for family and friends. But remember this, when you book at the Hilton hotel, approved friends and family need to show their photo ID cards and you no longer need old paper passports and other authorization forms.

How much save witch the Hilton Family and Friends Program Rates

Hilton Family and Friends discount is 50% off than the best price. Although not as cheap as Excellent Team Members, and it's also a great deal, valid for up to 30 room nights per year per approved family member or friends. And there are also have points awarded, including Hilton Honors Points for accommodation, Hilton Honors Points for house price and other fees.

What's more suitable for the audience is the price that the friends of Hilton team members are entitled to. These are the same price as travel agents, but they are eligible for Hilton Honors stay/night points, the same as regularly paid stays.

You can still earn points in these accommodations, room rates, and incidentals, and you can also enjoy a 50% discount on food and beverage purchases at many Hilton restaurants around the world, but please check the terms in advance. The terms may vary slightly according to different countries and regions.

The Hilton Team Member Rates are Excellent

  • $35 for Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites

  • $45 for Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites and Canopy

  • $55 for Waldorf Astoria, Conrad and Curio

Also, they offer a 50% discount on food and drink, including adult drinks outside the United States.

It's exciting that all eligible team members can use employee discounts for 30 nights and book another 30 nights for Friends & Family. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment with your family and friends to book Hilton's room.